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1/4'' OLPF/ 1/4'' filter
1/4'' OLPF(1/4'' filter)

Antireflection coating filter(AR+AR)-7.8*7.3

1/4'' OLPF(1/4'' filter)

Optical low pass filter is mostly made up of two or more pieces of quartz crystal plate(its material and structure can be customized according to customer requirements), which is put on the front of the CCD or CMOS sensor, to weaken or eliminate low frequency interference fringe, especially for the pseudo color such as color CCD interference stripes.

These filters are widely used in digital camera,supervision system (CCTV),camera phone,PC camera, digital video camera.

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We can customize these OLPF according to customer's requirements. According to the thickness and the requirements of customers, these products can be divided into single layer filter, two layer filter, 3 layer filter and multilayer filter.
Our products' stock size is 1/3 " filter(8.8*8.2 or 8.3*7.3), 1/4 " filter(7.8*7.3).Also we can customize according to customer's requirements(including size,thickness,material,classify,coating,appearance etc.).

In the use of CCD or CMOS light sensing elements of digital cameras or digital video, because taking pictures is a discontinuity,when shooting images OLPF has the following two functions.
1. Because of Producing unnecessary optical information,it can prompt a stripe images that do not accord with the human visual sense. O.L.P.F is provided to eliminate the information function.
2. Because the CCD or CMOS light sensing elements can detect infrared part of the human eye can't detect when shooting photochrome, leading to distortion of image's color.So you have to remove the infrared part of the human eye cannot detect.The solution is required plating the IR CUT Filter on the surface of OLPF,that commonly called as "reflective";Or with a piece of phosphate glass (commonly known as blue glass), commonly called as "absorption" and at the same time adjusts color within the range of visible light (400 nm to 700 nm), that can make the image colour conforms to the feeling of the human eye.So you get true colors!
Classify:single layer filter,two layer filter,three layer filter and multilayer filter(can according to customer's requirements).
Shape/Size: 7.8*7.3(can according to customer's requirements).
Tolerance: +/- 0.1mm in shape;+/- 0.05mm in thickness(can according to customer's requirements).
Material: quartz crystal,optical glass,blue glass,black glass and so on.
Surface quality: 20/10,40/20,(can according to customer's requirements).
Coating: AR+AR
Spectrum requirement:
400nm T>94%
450-700nm T>96%
750-1100nm T>94%
Safety/Quality Approvals
Qimeng Crystal Materials CO., LTD is a company developed by producing crystal optics elements , that mainly exporting to Japan company like Canon, nikon.Japanese companies is strict to the requirements for the products.It is promoted QIMENG established a perfect product management system.The product has a strict control.Our company is using the latest pushclient software .Each product can be traced back to the source, and its rapid feedback system ensure the quality of the products delivered. This is our proud.Also we have a series of testing instruments related optical. It is an effective guarantee of product quality.
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:According to your requirements from white paper to anti-static, single package or vacuum package.

Delivery Detail: within 20 to 30 days