Best OLPF Solution

Best OLPF Solution

Makes use of double refraction principle of the crystal and IR-CUT coating.
OLPF can return the image to the true color the same as the human eye see.

Company ProfileAbout Us
Suzhou Qimeng Crystal Material Co., Ltd, established in 2002.The total area is 6000 square meters. We have more than 200 employees, including more than 30 employees worked on high-tech research and development .

Our company mainly processing all kinds of plane optical products, including glass (such as K9, B270, D263, BK7, green plate glass ,etc), all kinds of crystal, quartz (JGS1, JGS2, corning 7979, etc.), all kinds of colored glass ( such as super thin blue glass used on cellphone cameras , black glass with infrared transmitting , ZJB series, series of GRBS, SSB series, etc.), sapphire (such as watch mirror, cell phone camera window , the filament used on LED, etc.), all kinds of prism, lens, window and Optical Filter, OLPF, IR - cut Filter, UV Filter and other optical products. Our current customers covered Asia area (such as Japan, Korea) , Europe and the United States, etc.

Our company focuses on researching and developing plane optical products.We master the latest trend of this industry with macroscopic view and pay close attention to new technique, new science and technology development trend in this field at any time. This is why we can ensure the quality and competitiveness of our products.Our objective is becoming one of the leading optics companies while supplying good products and service.