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Quality Guarantee

Advanced Equipment

Grain detector/Grain inspection High precision thickness gauge
Flat interferometer Spectroscope/Spectrum detection
Instrument room Surface inspection
F601 interferometer 3000 times electron microscopy

ISO Certificate

"Flawless and perfect " is the eximious ideal which our company to pursue. We adhere to whole members to participate the quality control and we have acquired ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. Shaping good company culture, adhere to do the training to the employees regularly and irregularly,which including craftsmanship, quality policy and principle to make “control quality is my responsibility and honor” as their habit. Then advance the satisfaction of customers finally.

We have a series of advanced inspection equipments,including X-RAY angular instrument,inclusion detector,grain detector,high precision thickness gauge,spectroscope, flat interferometer and F601 interferometer etc. Because of the strict requirements for quality of optical products, coupled with our customers(such as Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States) for strict requirements of quality, all the products are finally inspected and packaged in the 1000 grade clean room to ensure the quality.

We put ISO9001 into practice,use 7S(seiri, seiton, seiso, seikeetsu, shitsuke, safety, save) to manage and control effectively, establish standard system document to make every step standardization and institutionalization.Our products have passed the certification of ROHS. Company has a complete technological process, production equipment, ERP system and quality control process..