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1/4'' OLPF/ 1/4'' filter

1/4 " filter(7.8*7.3) is one of our stock size.Our normal specifications are as follows:
Material:crystal,optical transparent glass,colored glass(black glss,blue glass,golden/yellow glass) and so on.
Classification:single layer filter, two layer filter (crystal+crystal,crystal+glass,crystal+blue glass,glass+glass), three layer filter (crystal+optical glass+crystal, crystal+blue glass+crystal, crystal+blue glass+optical glass, crystal+transparent glass + blue glass+crystal, etc.).
Coating:day used coating/infrared cut-off coating (IR645+AR), night used coating (RY850+AR), day/night used coating (645/850+AR ), antireflection coating (AR+AR) or single coating(IR645,645/850,RY850 etc.).

Also we can customize according to customer's requirements(including size,thickness,material,coating,appearance etc.).
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