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Optical Low Pass Filter(OLP filter/OLPF)

Optical low pass filter is mostly made up of two or more pieces of quartz crystal plate(its material and structure can be customized according to customer requirements), which is put on the front of the CCD or CMOS sensor, to weaken or eliminate low frequency interference fringe, especially for the pseudo color such as color CCD interference stripes.

Material:crystal,optical transparent glass,colored glass(black glss,blue glass,golden/yellow glass) and so on.

Classification:single layer filter, two layer filter (crystal+crystal,crystal+glass,crystal+blue glass), three layer filter (crystal+optical glass+crystal, crystal+blue glass+crystal, crystal+blue glass+optical glass, crystal+transparent glass + blue glass+crystal, etc.).

Coating:day use coating/infrared cut-off coating (IR645+AR), night use coating (RY850+AR), day/night use coating (645/850+AR ), antireflection coating (AR+AR) or single coating.

Our products' stock size is 1/3 " filter(8.8*8.2 or 8.3*7.3), 1/4 " filter(7.8*7.3).Also we can customize according to customer's requirements(including size,thickness,material,coating,appearance etc.).
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