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Sapphire Camera Silk Printing Window Glass
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Sapphire special-shaped plate


Sapphire special-shaped plate (68*20*0.40)

Pure sapphire crystal, with excellent thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, good light transmission, chemical stability, and high temperature resistant, high strength, and high hardness characteristics, it is used for infrared devices, missiles, submarines, satellites technology, detection, high power laser and window materials. It is a high-quality optical material, wear-resistant bearing and substrate material.

The rate of lattice mismatch between the C surface of the sapphire (crystal, triangular, hexagonal) structure and the single crystal film of GaN (gallium nitride) is small, and sapphire’s high temperature resistant meets the requirement of the growth of the GaN single crystal film, therefore it is a key substrate material for LED.
Because of sapphire’s good light transmission and high hardness, it is commonly used in the glass window, space shuttle, unmanned aircraft, watch dial, etc. With the price decline, sapphire is expected to develop more applications in the future.
With the excellent wear resistance, sapphire is widely used in mobile phone camera, home key, mobile phone panel and other mobile phone applications. It provides better protection for your devices.
Size: 68*20*0.40 can be processed (can be adjusted according to customer requirements)
Size Tolerance: ± 0.05mm (can be adjusted according to customer requirements)
Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.03mm (can be adjusted according to customer requirements)
Unique inverted R side of the process, to achieve no sharp edge, no hand cuts, and make mobile phone follow-up assembly process more conveniently.
Surface quality: 20-10 (can be adjusted according to customer requirements)