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Crystal Heat Dissipation Plate/Thermal Diffusion Panel
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Thermal Diffusion Panel


Thermal Diffusion Panel

Our company offers Crystal Heat Sink and Glass Crystal with superior quality and reasonable price.

Product characteristic: 1.It is made of optical synthetic quartz (crystal) which is high quality, good transmission and little characteristic. 
2. It has repetitive refrangibility and stability.
3. Resistant heat, good hot conductibility.
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Makes Use Of The Good Heat Conduction And High Transmissivity Of The Crystal. Thermal Diffusion Panel Makes The Projector Can Work Normally And Steadily, Not Accept The High Temperature Disturbance.

Item Specifications
Dig Inclusion  ≥100μm  <100μm
 Disapprove  ≤1pcs  ≤5pcs  ≤10pcs  Not specified
Scratch  Width  Length  Quantity
 ≥20μm  Disapprove  Disapprove
 <20μm  Not specified  Not specified
Edge chip & Crack  Edge  Length  Thickness
 >0.5mm  Disapprove  Disapprove
 ≤0.5mm  >0.2mm  ≤ 3mm  ≤t/2
 ≤0.2mm  >0.15mm  ≤ 3mm  Not specified
 ≤0.15mm  Not specified  Not specified
Dust/dirt  It shall be regarded as allowable as far as optical characteristics are with in the  requirements and  limit sample is made and employed whenever necessary