Company Profile



Our company specializes in independently developing, producing and selling OLPF.

We have optics cold processing machines series of such as coating machine、cutting machine、dicing saw machine(cut glass)、wire-cutting machine(cut crystal and sapphire)、grinding machine、chamfering machine、beveling machine、surface grinder、vertical grinder、profile grinder、cylindrical grinder、polishing machine、gumming machine、toughening furnace and screen printing machine etc.

We inspection equipment include X-RAY angular instrument、inclusion detector、grain detector、high precision thickness gauge、spectroscope、 flat interferometer and F601 interferometer etc.

And we also have full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine、drying machine and pure water equipment system etc.

All the products are finally inspected and packaged in the 1000 grade clean room to ensure the quality.

 Dust-free inspecting workshop    Dust-free cleaning workshop
 Dust-free printing workshop    Double side grinding workshop
Wire-cutting workshop     Shaping workshop
Double side polishing workshop   Rolled round workshop
Multiple blade cutting workshop   Pure water preparation workshop